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How To Really Get Going In Media Coverage In Detroit

Media business is a lot of trial and error. There is quite a bit of equipment that has to be purchased over time and it seems to never end. It takes a real commitment because you may not see a quick turn around for some of the purchases you make. There aren’t many stores around the Detroit area but there are some. ProCam in Livonia is a good place to go to get equipment and ask questions about what to purchase. There is a studio for rent and there are many workshops that you can attend. There are fees for the workshops but there are give aways and at times free gift cards. The knowledge is priceless in this field. I found out about ProCam from someone that does photography. The best way to get free knowledge is to network and talk to people. Ask people what they would do differently if they just started their media business. This all goes for people in Photography and Videography. There are other places to go to in the Metro Detroit Area but ProCam is close to home and their service is great.

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