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Best DSLR Lens For The Best Price

In my first blog I talked about where to find equipment in the metro Detroit area. This time around I’m going to talk about a high quality lens for a low price. A 50mm prime lens for Canon or Nikon is a great starter lens that gives you a lot of versatility. This lens works well for photography or videography. The best thing about the 50mm prime is the ability to capture at f1.8. You won’t find a lens with that much depth of field at this price.

When shooting photography you compensate for light and may not need flash. When shooting video you compensate for light and may not need to set up extra lights. That is why this lens should be your first purchase after purchasing your DSLR. Get this lens before you get an external flash, external lights and likely anything else besides maybe a camera bag.

It is a good midrange prime lens and I guess being a prime lens is the only downfall. Just know the phrase that was taught to me from Dame Black Imaging “zoom with your feet”. Not being able to zoom may seem difficult when getting started but as I learned even with a zoom lens you must use your feet to set up certain angles anyway.

As you acquire more lenses the 50mm will still come in handy. The price for the Canon 50mm is currently around $125. The Nikons 50mm is roughly $105. These prices can be found on

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