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Using Instagram As A Photography Marketing Tool

Now days there are so many marketing tools on the internet that you can throw a rock and find a source to promote your photography. The superior one right now is Instagram (also known as IG). This is no knock on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Tumblr. They all have their benefits but right here, right now IG is the fastest easiest way to promote any form of photography and showcase your work. There is one simple reason and that is because that is where everyone is. Imagine the biggest event that is going on in your local area, fireworks, festival, awards show, NYE party. The place where you want to advertise is where the most people are.

IG is easy to set up, easy to post and easy to get followers. Even if you don’t know anyone. Just use a bunch of popular hashtags to ask for follows. You can like other like minded photographers pictures and chat with them. People from all over the world are connecting through Instagram. Marketing always leads to sales and IG is a great free way to showcase your work.

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