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Business Training And Orientation Videos

Everyone that has had any type of orientation or introductory job training is prepared to go through the preliminaries of training videos. This is a way for companies to teach policies and demonstrate company practices without spending labor time of employees. I personally have seen videos that may have been made before the wheel was created. Maybe that is just my way of saying that some companies can stand an updated version of their training and orientation videos.

The written word is one of the iconic things known to man but video presentations are easier to process because not only can you hear someone speaking but you also see their actions. The videos can be boring but they often get the point across. Often after watching these videos there may be test or verbal discussions about what was viewed.

One benefit the business gets when showing these videos is that they can be shown to a large group with a sound system. Most employees are anxious to get to the shop floor but there is often a preliminary process involved. The boss doesn’t have to stand in front of a crowd and say “this is how we do business”. Just pop in the DVD or pull up the video on a computer for employees to watch.

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