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Full Frame Camera vs. APS-C Camera

Photography is quite interesting, from the artistry, beauty, color to detail. I love it but having professional photography comes at a price from the high technology devices to the high skills involved. Going into the neaty gritties of it we look at the full frame camera Vs. the APS-C camera. The abbreviation APS-C camera simply refer to Advanced Photo System type C cameras.

While selecting a digital SLR or a lens to use with it, it is vital to understand the difference between full- frame and APS-C cameras. The following are some of the differences that can in a great way bring some change in your photography.


Sensor; Full-frame sensor is larger than that of the APS-C

This makes the full frame camera have a more detailed wider view than the APS-c where edges of the image recorded by the full frame camera are cropped/ cut off by its sensor. This however makes the full frame sensors more expensive to make and hence more expensive cameras. Moreover due to the full frame bigger sensor they require wider- diameter lenses which rules out the possibility of buying the cheap lenses made for APS-C.

Background capturing

With the APS-C the backgrounds are more in focus and therefore forming more distraction unlike the full frame camera which can capture more of the scene which gives you better options of either cropping or moving in the closer to the subject reducing the depth of the field. This way you are able to blur away distracting backgrounds.

APS-C better macro photography than full frame

With the APS-C you can be able to capture that unnoticed distant subjects easily and clearly however with the full frame camera it is more difficult to fill the frame. More to this the APS-C ability to fill the frame with the subject at a distance increases the depth of field.

Full-frame sensor less noise compared to APS-C

Larger sensors have manufacturing advantages that result in less noise in your images making the full frame camera more suitable when it comes to this fact. The small sensor for the APS-c camera makes results into more noise. When we talk of noise, we talk of clarity, the less the noise the more clarity it offers.

Cost; APS-C less expensive than full frame

Affording something greatly determines our purchasing power. The APS-C comes at affordable prices unlike the full frame cameras which is attributed to their bigger lenses and sensor.

There is just more to this that people really need to explore as it may mean a great change in your photography while making choices.

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